Dementors at Unity? YES!

June 19, 2017

Story Location:
98 Rudder Road
Millsboro  Delaware  19966
United States

Harry Potter and the 12 Powers Series continues at the Unity Spiritual Center with a look at the Spiritual Power of Release or Elimination and the Harry Potter character, the Dementors.

The process or action of releasing what no longer serve us, whether it be a habit or a food or a person, is important for our SpiritualJourney.

We will look at what that Power of Release means to us individually and as a group and invision that Power while looking at the part the Dementors played in the Harry Potter series as it relates to that Power.

We have been enjoying this Series as we get to look at how our beloved characters from Harry Potter can be related to the all important Spiritual Powers as spoken of by Jesus and further described by our co-founder, Charles Fillmore.

Unity is an open and very accepting community of Spiritual seekers.  Join us Sundays at 10 AM. We meet at 98 Rudder Road, in Long Neck.

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