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  • The Cape Gazette is independently owned and operated by
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  • Submit a Calendar Item
    Include event name, date, time, location and a contact number when submitting a calendar item. Make a checkoff list which includes who, what, where, why and when. Also, please keep the item brief.

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  • How to write and submit a press release:
    • Do put the basic who, what, when and where information in the first paragraph
    • Do attach a .jpg photo, preferably 800 pixels wide at 100 dpi or higher 
  • • Do include complete sentences for photo captions
  • • Do identify individuals in photos by first and last names in order from left to right, back row to front row
    • Do conclude with cost, registration information and deadline, if applicable, and contact information such as a website, email or phone number
    • Do write release in third person (don’t use words like “I,” “you,” “our,” “we,” etc.)
    DO NOT
    • Do not submit a release for an upcoming event more than six weeks before its date or registration deadline, if applicable; releases sent too early will be deleted
    • Do not submit a flier, list, poster, etc. All press releases must be in narrative (paragraph) form
    • Do not submit photos as files embedded in text documents
    • Do not send pdf documents
    • Do not write in all capital letters; use sentence-case style
    • Do not use double spacing between sentences

    Email press releases to If there is a deadline or a time-sensitive event in your submission, please note it in the subject line. The deadline for Tuesday’s edition is 4 p.m. the previous Friday and for Friday’s edition, 4 p.m. Tuesday. Submission by deadline DOES NOT guarantee inclusion in the next published edition.

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  • How to write and submit an announcement:
    Copy and paste the appropriate form below into an email to and replace the blanks with your information. Editing verbiage and adding relevant information is welcome. Attach a photo in jpg format to be used. Please include a contact name and daytime phone number in case additional information is needed. Placement of announcements will be in the Cape Gazette’s Cape Life section at the editor’s discretion and as soon as space allows.
  • ENGAGEMENT ANNOUNCEMENT Mr. and Mrs. ___________________ of ___________________ (town) are pleased to announce the engagement of her/his/their daughter, ___________________________ of (town), to________________________, of (town), son of Mr. & Mrs. ________________________ of __________________ (town). The bride-to-be is a____ (year) graduate of _____________________ (high school name, town and state), and a_____ (year) graduate of ________________________ (college name and town and state). She is employed as _________________(title) by ___________________ (name of company, town and state). The groom-elect is a ______(year) graduate of _________________ (high school name, town and state), and a ________(year) graduate of (college name, town and state). He is employed as _____________ (title) by ______________________ (name of company, town and state) A ________________(day, date, month or year) wedding is planned.
  • WEDDING ANNOUNCEMENT _________________________(bride's maiden name) and _______________ (groom's name) were united in marriage ____________ (day, date, year) in/at_______________(church, location, town). The ___________________________( pastor, priest, other) officiated at the_________(double, single) ring ceremony. The bride is the daughter of Mr.& Mrs. of ______________(town, state). The groom is the son of Mr. & Mrs.________________________, of _______________________________ (town, state). The bride wore___________________________(brief description of gown). Her bouquet consisted of____________(brief description). Maid of Honor was_______________, of (relationship to bride/groom, town, state). Bridesmaids were_______________________, of (relationship to bride/groom, town, state for each). Best man was_____________________, of (relationship to the groom/bride, town, state). Ushers were__________________, of (relationship to groom/bride, town, state). A reception was held following the ceremony at _______________ (location, town, state). The bride is a____ (year) graduate of _____________________ (high school name, town and state), and a_____ (year) graduate of ________________________ (college name and town and state). She is employed as _________________(title) by ___________________ (name of company, town and state). The groom is a ______(year) graduate of_________________ (high school name, town and state), and a ________(year) graduate of (college name, town and state). He is employed as _____________ (title) by ______________________(name of company, town and state)The couple took a wedding trip to_________________________. Following the wedding, the couple reside in_________________ (town, state).
  • BIRTH ANNOUNCEMENT Mr. and Mrs. ___________________ (parents' names) of ___________________ (town) are pleased to announce the birth of her/his/their daughter/son, ___________________________. He/she was born at _____ a.m./p.m., ___________________ (day, date), at ___________________(hospital). ___________________ weighed _____ pounds and _____ ounces and was _____ inches long.
  • DO
  • • Do not use web links in text - is fine in plain text
  • • Do not format text documents: don’t use boldface, italics, colors, more than one column, etc.
  • • Do not submit a photo via fax; photos must be sent as jpg or tiff attachments; send 72 dpi/4x6 size
  • • Do not submit multiple copies of the same release; any new releases sent must contain additional newsworthy information
  • • Do send text files in Microsoft Word or copy and paste in the body of an email
    • Do not use double spacing between paragraphs
  • • Do include the names of all people in photographs, left to right and back row to front. The Cape Gazette does not publish photos of people who are clearly identifiable unless the photo caption includes all the names of the people in the picture; first and last names must be included, and include titles if applicable
  • • Do follow up with why, to give the reader a reason to read further and be persuaded to attend your event or be interested in your organization

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- Generally, an obituary is composed of four parts:
• Birth and death dates
• Life description
• Family
• Service information
A photo may be attached




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