Harold and Lillian: A Hollywood Love Story: A Love Documentary of two unsung heroes of Hollywood.. This is a deeply engaging documentary Movie Fans will truly enjoy...

August 15, 2017
As a Movie fan, it is very interesting to see and feel how someone’s talent creates a movie from an idea, to bringing that idea, to a visual and verbal reality for all of us to see, feel and hear... and our gift is the talent to sit in the theater and experience it all. That is a one.. two... combination that is truly something awesome...Check out the synopsis below. Spend a couple hours in the Theater today, this showing might be a good fit for you... its fun... Enjoy Nicky
Harold and Lillian: A Hollywood Love Story synopsis:
Storyboard artist Harold Michelson and his wife, film researcher Lillian Michelson, were a talented couple once considered the heart of Hollywood. Harold and Lillian worked on hundreds of iconic films during Hollywood's golden age, including "The Ten Commandments," "The Apartment," "The Birds," "Full Metal Jacket" and more. Although the couple were responsible for some of Hollywood's most iconic examples of visual storytelling, their contributions remain largely uncredited.

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