Retirement Homes at the Delaware Shore

February 10, 2018

Retirement should be a fabulous chapter in our book of life.  Whoever said the one constant we can count on in life to be that of change, was definitely “on the mark”.  All through life, we are propelled forward, and sometimes backwards, as we adapt to each new season of our lives.  As young adults, change is often eagerly anticipated and viewed with optimism and excitement.  Milestones such as graduations, marriages, firstborn child, growing families, promotions at work, increased earnings and new homes, provide fabulously euphoric feelings that we are fulfilled, satisfied, and “Life is Good”.  But for those of us in that “Retirement Era” of our lives, we have often overcame obstacles and jumped many hurdles along the way.  And now, it is our time!  This is the moment we have been waiting for.  We have earned it.  We feel blessed to have made it, and this is going to be the best chapter in our book of life!   If this feeling resonates within you, and you are ready to live the dream you have envisioned,  just know there are choices.

Our cherished Delaware Shore offers a perfect “retirement” home setting.  Undoubtedly, Southern Delaware beaches and neighboring towns offer a healthy dose of coastal charm accompanied with a relaxed demeanor, and traditional home-town values.  You will soon discover this historical locale is a true “melting pot” of people from all walks of life.  However, you will also notice a common bond that unites all - a basic love of the Delaware Shore.  We have it all.  Located just a short drive from major East Coast cities and international airports, life beyond the Delaware Shore remains easily accessible.  Excellent medical care, including hospitals and a vast array of medical professionals, is present throughout the area.  But the true magnetic force pulling us to the Delaware Shore, is so much more than these practical aspects.  If you ask a dozen different people what makes them love the Delaware Shore, you may get a dozen different answers including - fabulous beaches, local seafood, no sales tax, outlet shopping, quaint shops, bookstores, “The Boardwalk”, abundant restaurants, variety of cuisines, boating, fishing, golf, swimming, entertainment, close to family and grands, relaxing atmosphere, beautiful sunsets, awesome sunrises, ferry-accessible for day trips, low property taxes - and this list can go on and on.  

If you are wondering if you can afford to live your dream, there are so many great options, and no shortage of communities for you to fall in love with.  Bayside Homes Delaware, Builder of Exceptional Quality Manufactured and Modular Housing at the Delaware Shore, comes with 40+ years of experience.  Offering an abundance of housing designs, styles, and over 100 floor plans, homes are available to satisfy the dreams, desires, needs and budget of many. The ability for customization and upgrade allows the client to literally build the home of their dreams.  Green Building Practices, Energy Star Certification, and Smart Home Technology are just some of features available.  Whether you are looking for a “55 & Better” Lifestyle Choice Community, looking for a land/home package, or looking for your waterfront dream home, we invite you to come explore your choices with Bayside Homes Delaware.