Belltown traffic too dangerous for shelter

June 16, 2017

I thought you might be interested in a follow up to your story in the Cape Gazette regarding the homeless shelter at the former John Wesley United Methodist Church in Belltown.

I am a resident of Henlopen Landing who attended the board meeting June 5. This issue still remains unresolved because the Board of Adjustment again postponed a decision until the next meeting June 19.

Your recent web poll showed the strong opposition to this location, and the overwhelming need for traffic flow safety and improvement. Anyone who has traveled the Five Points intersection knows how dangerous this area is to vehicles and pedestrians.

In fact, a retired state trooper friend, who was told by local troopers at Station 7, said that they were experiencing on average of two personal injury-related accidents a day.

The Board of Adjustment needs to consider the safety of all and especially the high risk of injury or death to potential homeless adult and children residents who will be walking about and playing at this location. The homeless shelter needs a safe location and should not be established at one of the most congested and dangerous traffic locations in the state.

I urge all local residents who are opposed to this location to contact the Board of Adjustment and be present at the June 19 meeting at 7 p.m.

Craig Lello

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