Blue-Gold All-Star 5K attracts former players, coaches and cheerleaders

Martin Rodriguez overall winner in 17:41
June 11, 2018

The 15th annual Blue-Gold All-Star 5K attracted 177 runners, including former players, coaches and cheerleaders.

Martin Rodriguez was the overall winner in 17:41 followed by Riley Lamison in 18:19, DJ Farren in 18:35, Connor Lamison in 18:54, Mike Sewell in 19:17, Jonathan Zubrowski in 19:23, Chris Stanley in 19:38 and Paul Montini in 19:54.

Kelly Tingle was the first woman and ninth overall in 20:39. The top female finishers following Tingle were Susan Dunn in 21:50, Olivia Montini in 22:07, Jackie Quigley in 23:32, Lori Holdsworth in 23:42, Kim Geyer in 23:49, Kelly Serpico in 24:03, Marie Cowgill in 24:14, Jen Perry in 24:40 and Becky Montini in 24:48.

DJ Hughes, a player for the Gold squad in the 1994 all-star game, wore his No. 55 jersey and ran 24:05, good for second in his age group.

Linda Schwartz Chi ran 26:23 and said afterward: “I was a cheerleader in the game 35 years ago, and when I realized that, I started to feel old.” Linda would be a 1983 Corolla if she were on the CF Schwartz used car lot.

Rob Schroeder, a former head coach for the Gold team, walked the 5K along with his sister-in-law Sue, who is married to his brother John Schroeder.

The Blue team will scrimmage Wednesday, June 20, at 5 p.m. at Tower Hill, while the Gold team will scrimmage at Milford High School, same day and time.

The 63rd annual DFRC Blue-Gold All-Star football game will be played Saturday, June 23, at the University of Delaware.  

Bill Collick is head coach of the Gold squad, while Dan Ritter of Howard High will coach the Blue squad.