Bonini’s and Lawson’s actions condemned

April 21, 2017

On behalf of the Southern Delaware Alliance for Racial Justice, I want to condemn the actions of Sen. Colin Bonini, R-South Dover, and Sen. Dave Lawson, R- Marydel. The intolerance and lack of respect they displayed when they walked out during an invocation delivered by a Muslim duo on the floor of chambers on Wednesday, April 5, demonstrates the type of bigotry and prejudice that stains the soul of decency and integrity. Both men were elected to represent all Delawareans within their districts, not just the constituents that they deem worthy.

What is worse, both men are on the wrong side of their own party's legacy. It was President Bush, after the tragedy of 9/11, who embraced the Muslim community, visiting a mosque within days after the attack, declaring that our war was not with Islam or our Muslim brethren. Bonini's and Lawson's actions represent the type of ignorance and small-mindedness that dim the brilliance of our democracy. Those voters who live in Dover and Marydel should think seriously in supporting them at the ballot box in the future.

Paulette Rappa
Southern Delaware Alliance for Racial Justice
Steering Committee

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