Catholic volunteers help disabled Ellendale resident

Missionaries assist with needed home repairs
July 2, 2017

Jerry Guyer will soon have a freshly painted home thanks to the help of volunteers with the Catholic HEART Workcamp.

Guyer, 56, was seriously injured about seven years ago in a work-related accident that has left him disabled and unable to do necessary repairs at the Ellendale-area home he has lived in for 30 years.

"It's a blessing to me and my wife," he said as volunteers applied a fresh coat of paint to his house. "They're taking their time. They're like professionals. They're wonderful."

Pennsylvania residents Sydney Bucher, Marlee Snyder and Ken Reber were among more than 150 volunteers helping out Delaware families through Florida-based Catholic HEART Workcamp, which works with parishes across the country to restore homes, feed the hungry and partner with social agencies.

Bucher, 17, said she decided to spend four days of her summer helping others because she was inspired by Pope John Paul II's quote, "Do not be satisfied with mediocrity."

"I took that to heart this year and decided to do something," she said. "It's actually a lot of fun, and every time [Guyer] walks out, he sees this house and smiles. I helped do that – make someone happy about their home."

This is the second year Catholic HEART volunteers have helped Guyer mend his home, he said. Other volunteers helped with similar projects mainly in Kent County.

"I couldn't ask for a better group," Guyer said.

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