Column about Corner Cupboard brought back memories

January 12, 2018

Many thanks to Dennis Forney for the article in Barefootin' Dec. 29. It brought back memories of the Corner Cupboard Inn for me as that was one of the first places I worked when we were first getting started as a family here in the area back in the 1970s.

I painted the inside and outside of the Corner Cupboard one fall into winter, and remember working with Rim Vining on carpentry chores around the inn as well.

Come spring Els Hooper asked me if I knew how to cook as that was the only way she could keep me on! Otherwise, she had to let me go. I had a feeling if I told her I could, she would have thrown me in the kitchen.

Alas, I never cooked professionally a day in my life, so off I went. But for many years afterwards, my wife and I enjoyed coming to the Cupboard in the summer for dinner, and especially Sunday Brunch on the porch with Scotty playing the piano and the waiters dressed formally in black tie and pants, crisp white shirts and red vests to match the red tablecloths.

Delaware Beach Life magazine did a fantastic article on the inn in May 2011. You can access it at:

And finally, I am so sorry to read about the American Four-Square that was torn down in Rehoboth. We have loved living in our Four-Square in Lewes for over 30 years now. I am glad that Lewes recognizes its history by preserving its architecture as much as possible in our town.

Ed Zygmonski

Editor's Note: Dennis Forney wrote a correction in his Jan. 5 Barefootin' column noting that the house pictured, and mentioned as slated for demolition, was next door to the former Corner Cupboard Inn complex but not part of that complex. A permit for demolition of the main structure of the Corner Cupboard complex was issued in 2014.


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