Cost of illegal Immigration is high

February 13, 2018

According to the Federation For American Immigration Reform, the cost of illegal immigration both on the federal and state levels is a whopping $135 billion annually.

The state of Delaware (remember those deficit figures for several months) spends close to $189 million annually for illegal immigration. Unfortunately, illegal immigrants are net consumers of taxpayer-funded services, public education, Medicaid, welfare, etc.

The limited taxes paid by some segments of the illegal immigrant population are in no way significant enough to offset the growing financial burdens imposed on U.S. taxpayers by massive numbers of uninvited guests.

Imagine if that $135 billion could be used for our inner cities to help our own struggling American citizens? Every concerned citizen should be asking our government why, in a time of increasing costs, state deficits, and shrinking resources, is it spending such large amounts of money on individuals who have no right, nor authorization to be in the United States?

President Trump's request from Congress for $25 billion over a 10-year period to build the "wall" which in essence is another term for border security, seems to be a drop in the bucket when you compare the $135 billion spent annually for illegal immigration.

As an example: the USA gives Mexico (not that all illegal immigrants come from Mexico) $320 million annually for whatever.

Even if we cut that donation in half using $160 million annually toward border security, it should help with Mr. Trump's $25 billion request. Legal immigration vetted appropriately according to law should be encouraged and embraced by all.

People who disagree with illegal immigration as prejudiced and racist have labels themselves. As yet another government shutdown approaches, shame on those elected representatives for holding American citizens hostage for non-Americans by not passing a budget.

Illegal immigration and its never-ending growth is the fault of both parties, and must be stopped now.

Hopefully, we'll remember those politicians who are draining the tax store dry on the backs of American citizen taxpayers insupport of illegal immigration.

Joe Darabasz


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