Gallery One opens A Fresh Approach to the public Nov. 29

November 22, 2017

Artists always delight in discovering a fresh approach. It expands visual delight with the world especially when travelling. "Afternoon in Lorcula, Croatia" is Laura Hickman’s first pastel from her recent trip to Croatia. "The whole country and its islands were truly fantastic,” she said. Joyce Condry was inspired by a recent trip out West. "I have always treated skies as a backdrop for my paintings rather than as the subject. The big skies and ever-changing weather patterns created skies that were paintings unto themselves,” Condry said. "Twilight," an acrylic, is the beginning of a new subject for her to explore.

Often artists paint a subject many times, each time trying a new approach. Lesley McCaskill chose lily pads, a subject she has painted on location with watercolors. "Lily Pads," an acrylic, is a much larger three-panel triptych painted from memory. “I wanted to show subtle movement from the breeze and water, and the variety of color change in the pads," she said.

"As a lifelong lover of the ocean, I frequently paint the surf and shorebirds with a play of light and shadow," says Dale Sheldon. Her "Sea Turtles” is a similar subject, but another approach. The majestic sea turtle is coming out of the rough surf to rest on the beach, with patterns on the sand left by his tracks. "Beauty to Behold,” an acrylic by Pat Riordan, features the local color of Delaware marshes.

"Fresh flowers from the market or the garden always brighten my day, and I love painting them," says Jan Moffatt. "Fresh Flowers," an acrylic, explores spontaneity and impasto, mixing the paint with looser, large brush strokes and thick paint. "It is a fun, freeing and refreshing change from my landscape paintings which take a more careful process."

A Fresh Approach will be on display Saturday, Nov. 29 to Thursday, Jan. 11. The popular Artisan Room features exciting textiles, hand-blown glass, pottery, glass jewelry and wood pieces by local artists. Gallery One is open seven days a week 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. except for Dec. 25 and Jan. 1 and is always staffed by one of the artists. Visit For more information call 302-537-5055. The gallery is located at 32 Atlantic Ave., Ocean View.