Guy Martin owes Rick Perry an apology

August 11, 2016

I was disappointed to read Guy Martin's letter in last week’s Cape Gazette which purported to support commissioners Sharp and Mills, but spent the majority of text in a tirade against candidate Rick Perry. Guy Martin's language was nothing more than a vicious personal attack that only increases the division in Rehoboth today, and I, for one, believe he owes Mr. Perry an apology.

The fact is that Guy Martin has never met Rick Perry or had a conversation with him, nor does he seem to know anything about Mr. Perry's character, policies or actions. The Rick Perry I know is a smart, accomplished, kind, friendly, civic-minded and generous man who spends his time and money helping friends and those in need. The Rick Perry I know stands on principle at great personal costs.

The Rick Perry I know helps people without looking for publicity or public acclaim. The Rick Perry I know reached out to Rehoboth citizens with varied views in an effort to build consensus after last year's turmoil only to be dismissed by those who disagree with him by refusing to participate in a dialogue. He even asked former Commissioner Bill Sargent to chair the proposed group.

The Rick Perry I know agreed to work with the city, at the city attorney's request, to resolve issues related to the way the city processed building permit applications submitted before the pool moratorium was published. It was the city commissioners who refused to address the matter in any real way. If, as claimed by Mr. Martin, the lawsuit filed by Mr. Perry has cost the city almost $200,000 (probably a made-up number), then it is the mayor and city commissioners who are to blame. After all, it was the city attorney who stated after the city's failure to address the matter after two executive sessions – I can give them legal advice but I can't make them follow it.

I continue to be amazed by how far those in power are willing to go to stay in power in Rehoboth. Anyone who dares to run against the status quo is vilified by those who support the status quo, no matter who the candidate is. Are there really only a handful of people in Rehoboth whose opinions matter? If you, like me, believe it is time for new blood that brings varied expertise, experience and views to the commission, then vote for Rick Perry Aug. 13.

Allen Walker
Rehoboth Beach

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