It's playoff time

April 20, 2017

Both the NHL and NBA playoffs have started.

I will be paying more attention to the NBA playoffs than the NHL. However, I do pay some attention to the Eastern Conference NHL teams because of my affinity for my poor Philadelphia Flyers. The Washington Capitals should be the favorite to represent the Eastern Conference in the Stanley Cup finals thanks to having the best record in the league for the last two years. Unfortunately, they also have had a reputation for losing early in the playoffs. The Pittsburgh Penguins have been able to to take advantage of these early exits for the past two years.

I think the NBA finals will ultimately be between the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers. Let's hope this will be a very competitive series up until the finals because it is not fun to watch teams getting swept throughout the league. I don't usually watch many of the regular-season games that don't involve the 76ers because I don't enjoy watching players just dunking the ball left and right and not playing defense. In the playoffs though, the defensive intensity completely changes, proving that professional basketball players are truly amazing athletes.

In tennis news, Serena Williams has announced that she will not be playing any more this year because she's pregnant with her first child. This is pretty cool news! This is also a huge break for all of the other players on the WTA tour. This should also serve as a wake up call to all the American women players. They had better step up their game, because the Williams sisters are going to retire soon and there's going to be a huge hole for the US women to fill. The Williams sisters are a once in a generation talent that the tennis world will definitely miss!

  • A 2002 Cape grad and 2007 UD grad, Lewes resident Sumner Spence is one of the Cape area's biggest sports fans. Wheelchair-bound his entire life, he has lived vicariously through his sports-playing father, brother, and friends, who gave him his love of sports. He hopes to provide new and interesting perspectives on the sports stories and issues of the day. Email Sumner at