KSI participates in Grotto Pizza Parade of Trees

December 6, 2017

Kent-Sussex Industries has a Christmas tree at Grotto Pizza's Parade of Trees in Milford, sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Milford.

People can make a donation at Grotto in support of their favorite nonprofit's tree. Grotto has envelopes so guests can put their money in the envelope, write the name of their designated nonprofit on it, and put it in the large box for donations. At the end of the Parade of Trees, Grotto will determine which nonprofit received the most donations. All nonprofits will receive the envelope donations that people have made, as well as the $100 fee paid by the sponsor. The nonprofit with the most donations will also receive an extra $250 from Grotto.

KSI is a nonprofit agency providing vocational training, employment, supported employment, community integration, transportation and life-enrichment services. KSI is committed to making all reasonable accommodations in order to ensure that its programs and services are as accessible as possible to as many people as possible. For more information, go to