Kuhns could take opportunty to show leadership

September 29, 2017

The Sept. 22 Cape Gazette letters page treated us to near Trumpian levels of blather and pique. Somehow, several supporters of the recently elected mayor and commissioners managed to find themselves aggrieved, apparently by the exercise of democracy and the rule of law.

Celebrating the induction of their candidates, they seem to have assumed that they could now have whatever they liked, in this case an empty commission chair, made available by the ascendancy of the new mayor. The law, however, reads that a majority of commissioners must vote to elect someone to that empty seat.

Three sitting commissioners voted against the mayor's recommendation and the board was left with only six seats filled.

The three dissenting commissioners have themselves been duly elected and can certainly be expected to represent the interests of those who voted for them.

No matter, they are clearly acting within their prerogatives to vote as they did. To attack them for not abandoning their duties and responsibilities is both undemocratic and chilling. We live in a nation currently affronted by anti-democratic forces. It would be nice if we as a community could avoid adding to the assaults on our values.

As it stands now, the board of commissioners' decisions must meet a greater test with at least a 4-2 vote margin.

This may not be a totally bad thing. But the new mayor has spoken of wishing to overcome divisiveness, and that would be welcome. I do not think there is any action he could take in this regard that would be more positive, even healing, than recommending Susan Gay to the seventh commission seat. She is the most recent candidate and one who garnered a substantial number of votes.

Mr. Kuhns could take this opportunity to demonstrate the leadership which he espouses.

Alan O'Leary
Rehoboth Beach


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