Let’s bench Sam Cooper Aug. 12

July 14, 2017

Years ago I used to attend high school basketball games to support my daughter's cheerleading squad. One of the starting five players was not very good, yet throughout each game my daughter would grudgingly yell out "Sam, Sam, he's our man. If he can't do it, nobody can." Privately, after the games she would often say "Sam is terrible."

Well, it got me to thinking about the upcoming mayoral race with Sam Cooper's record. From the needless quarrels over zoning ordinance restrictions, his obsession with the Cooper Castle, his "my way or the highway" attitude, and to his lack of professional leadership on the soon-to-be ocean outfall project, one has to seriously question his qualifications to be the mayor of all of Rehoboth.

Voters in Rehoboth, let's bench this guy Aug. 12 so we don't have to be reminded that "Sam, Sam is still our man." Vote for Paul Kuhns, a competent alternative, and let's get some talent back on the floor.

David Luger
Rehoboth Beach


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