Let’s focus on real issues in Rehoboth Beach

August 5, 2016

In a recent letter to the Cape Gazette, Stan Heuisler referred to our neighbors and friends as “dingbats in red shirts.” That statement from a divisive period in our city last year has only served to resurface an ugly comment by a senior citizen of our community who should have known better. Those exercising their constitutionally guaranteed rights of free speech and assembly were not akin to Mussolini’s Fascists – they were your neighbors and citizens of the United States of America. (Note: red shirts were not the symbol of Fascists – wrong color.)

My father was one of the proudest Word War II veterans I have ever known. He served in the 8th Army Air Force in England and flew with General Patton. My uncle/godfather was captured in the Battle of the Bulge and tortured. They fought for me and all of us to protect those rights of free speech and assembly. My father and my uncle would be proud of me and all of those who wore red shirts and tossed rolls of toilet paper to speak out to our elected officials. They would be appalled at the suggestion that we were “dingbats!” They fought for us and put their lives on the line so that we could all voice our opinions freely. Those rights have also been protected for Mr. Heuisler. He is entitled to his opinion. I hope, however, that we can focus on real issues, and stop making derogatory comments about and ridiculing the citizens of our community for exercising their constitutionally guaranteed rights.

Richard J. Perry Jr.
resident candidate for Commissioner of Rehoboth Beach

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