More than 50 take the Polar Bear Plunge

A balmy 40-degree water temp for New Year’s Day
January 7, 2017

A relatively calm and chilly Atlantic Ocean welcomed over 50 participants as they took the annual New Year’s Day plunge at Cape Henlopen State Park to celebrate the coming of 2017. Taking the plunge were Harriett Taylor, Karen and Jacqueline Carlson, Tom, Wendy, Karen and James Gusman, Ton Gatch, Dale Johnson, Ed Osienski, Chip Davis, Hannah and Rebecca Pepper, Ali and Karen Coning, Jack Lingo, Danny MacElrevey, Connie Miller, Bruce Egolf, Mike Ocksbig, Bill Brooks, Michael and Caitlyn O’Donnell, Kevin Rough, Bob Hughes, Ed Tessein, Jack, Will, Lira, Meredith, James and Suzannah Frederick, Burli Hopkins, Rowan and Aidan Gatch, Gina and Keith Ricker, Shannon Alexander, Charlie and Carter Wooters, Daniel and Darcy Phillips, Jimmy Pryor, Greg and Bryan Mack, Don Stein, Jeff Buttilo, Joe Cahill, Pat Backus, Lindsay Dannon, Richard, Amanda and Gus Lantz, John and Daphne Jones, and Lindsay D’Ambrogi.