Observations on ignorant drivers

April 20, 2017

It appears that, due to the melting pot of drivers relocating to Sussex County, they (Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia and yes, New Jersey, etc.) have brought their bad driving habits with them, not to mention the onslaught of tourons (a loving term I use for those who visit and help pay for our existence in Sussex County) about to arrive in the next several weeks. Or, have they already arrived?

One of the most notable infractions (which there are too many to list) which after discussion with many of my fellow neighbors (I believe the term "local" belongs to someone who was born and raised here; most of us are legal state immigrants) are drivers who pull out in front of you! It seems this is a daily occurrence.

Then there are those drivers who not only pull out in front of you, but afterwards go 10 mph below the speed limit. Other than accepting their bad habits there is little one can do.

Laying on the horn appears to relieve personal tension but may initiate road rage on the other end!

Just like some fool riding on your bumper while you're already going 10 mph over the speed limit makes you go faster. The question is, how much faster must you go for the fool to stop riding your bumper? Hitting the brake or slowing down seems to further increase tension on both ends.

So, what do we do? Nothing ... we live with the fact that there will always be bad drivers and fools on the road.

The best answer in my opinion is to first look in the mirror and see if you are one of those drivers. Some people are so in love with themselves they have no clue. Then, tune up your defensive driving skills and take a deep breath, for this too will pass. And, forget the back roads; they have disappeared.

Joe Darabasz
Sussex County

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