Rehoboth commissioners violate oath of office

September 21, 2017

As a new era of inclusiveness and openness commenced in Rehoboth Beach last Friday with our new Mayor Kuhns, the voter-rejected era of Cooper divisiveness and exclusion raised its ugly head when Gossett, Mills and Sharp stonewalled Mayor Kuhns' nomination of former Commissioner Pat Coluzzi to fill Mayor Kuhns' remaining one-year term of his commissioner seat. This Gossett, Mills, Sharp action has outraged our city.

First, Ms. Coluzzi is far more qualified to fill the vacant commissioner seat than all three of these Cooper-era commissioners combined, and she has demonstrated, both as a former commissioner and as a private citizen, numerous positive actions to enhance our environment and image of our city.

Second, Mayor Kuhns included both Cooper-era and his new-era members in his board's nominations. His bipartisanship is new to Rehoboth Beach, but rejected by these Cooper-era commissioners.

Finally, the commissioners have a moral obligation to support the new mayor's platform to move the city forward. Individual commissioner agendas should not be considered, and their oath of office says that they should consider the interests of the city rather than their own interests. This simply did not happen last Friday.

Commissioners Gossett, Mills and Sharp now have a moral obligation to resign effective immediately for violating their oath of office. The citizens of Rehoboth Beach deserve nothing less.

Lawrence Myslewski
Rehoboth Beach


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