Rehoboth desperately needs change

August 12, 2016

I have known Rick Perry since the early 1980s when I was a U.S. congressman from California and Rick represented the California savings and loan industry in D.C., the largest segment of that industry in the country.

As a senior-level presidential appointee to the agency that regulated that industry, Rick's knowledge was invaluable as the industry struggled with an economic crisis and numerous failed financial institutions. Rick was known on Capitol Hill as a straight shooter, who would tell you just like it is, and who would not push a legislative proposal just because one financial institution or a small group wanted it for their own purpose. He was trusted to always tell you the truth.

I have spent a lot of time with Rick over the last several years in Rehoboth. We have talked about how our city is governed, the issues that confront us, and how commissioners waste time chasing solutions to problems that do not exist. We, as taxpayers, bear the cost of that long and unproductive process.

We desperately need change. It's time to add new blood, a fresh perspective, and true financial expertise and leadership to our board of commissioners. That is why I am pleased to endorse Rick Perry for commissioner. We need Rick Perry because he will serve with clarity of purpose, remain focused on the issue at hand, keep his promises to you, and work to make the process more efficient.

Rehoboth faces financial pressures, a still-divided community allowed to fester at the hands of our officials who respond to a small segment of residents and dismiss the concerns and views of the rest of our community. We do not need to re-elect someone who has the same platform she had three years ago because promises were not kept or who supports and votes for ordinances that restrict other property owners while his own properties do not meet the same restrictions and who spearheads an absurd trash ordinance, or commissioners who support the mayor who has threatened to take away nonresident voting rights.

I have been vocal in my opposition to actions of our city officials concerning swimming pools and recent zoning changes which restrict a homeowner's ability to have their own pools. Pools provide a safe haven for Americans with disabilities - young and old - who love coming to our beaches with their families but cannot go into the ocean. My epilepsy prevents me from going into the ocean by myself but, with a pool, I can enjoy being in the water and not worry that I will die if I have a seizure. As the original author and primary sponsor of the Americans with Disabilities Act, we need a candidate like Rick Perry who will protect the rights of the disabled.

Rick Perry is a skilled lawyer and business executive - prepared to provide the citizens of Rehoboth a no-nonsense, logical approach to issues. Rather than telling his clients they could not accomplish their objective, Rick always found a solution working within the law. I am confident that he will take the same pragmatic and intelligent approach to the issues that concern our citizens and find practical solutions.

I know he cares about your rights – including property rights, voting rights, the rights of the disabled, and your right not to be subjected to laws that unreasonably restrict and inconvenience you. I ask you to vote for Rick Perry Aug.t 13 for steady, principled leadership and integrity. Each vote for Rick Perry is a vote for you and for the future of Rehoboth Beach – the community by the sea that we all are proud to call home.

Anthony "Tony" Coelho
former U. S. congressman and
Rehoboth Beach resident

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