Rehoboth needs new blood: elect Perry

July 29, 2016

In the past year and a half, I have attended dozens of Rehoboth Beach commissioners' workshops, public hearings and monthly meetings.

I have heard an equal number of crazy ideas floated at these meetings, including closing swimming pools in summer to having a lottery for 100 rental licenses (there are currently about 3,000) to parking requirements based on toilets to fines for not removing trashcans in a timely fashion (as you know, this one passed – thank you Stan Mills!). I have listened to the commissioners over and over propose legislation aimed at reducing the freedoms and liberties of property owners and tenants in the City of Rehoboth Beach.

My attendance at those meetings has made one thing clear: We need new blood on the commission in Rehoboth Beach. Richard Perry is that person. Rick is bright, accomplished, and fair. His background as a bank regulator will give the city a much-needed financial perspective. His experience as a lawyer will help bring sides together.

And his business expertise will provide the steady, principled leadership that our city needs. He will support fair and constitutional voting rights, including maintaining nonresident voting rights, which are currently at risk. He will continue to encourage residents and property owners to become involved in the process while treating them with equal respect. He will provide a logical, common-sense approach to city government – something we are desperate for.

On Aug. 13, please cast a single vote for Rick Perry. It's time for new blood in Rehoboth.

Lori Bloxom
Rehoboth Beach


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