Sussex Republican Women host Second Amendment advocate

June 14, 2017

Sussex County Republican Women’s Club hosted Willes K. Lee to speak at their dinner meeting May 24, at Kings Creek Country Club in Rehoboth.

Lee, a part-time resident of Fenwick Island, has devoted his life to the defense of this country and civil liberties. A graduate of West Point, he has been actively engaged in the fight against terrorism around the world, including operations on the Czechoslovakian border and in the Middle East. Lee has been a member or leader of numerous political and issue-oriented campaigns across the nation. He is president of the National Federation of Republican Assemblies and the national director of the Hawaii Republican Assembly, and former Hawaii Republican Party state chairman. Lee was introduced to those attending by former SCRWC Chair Alana Keeley.

Lee spoke of his continued dedication to fight not only for Second Amendment rights, but for all civil rights, as a member of the NRA board. "They are the biggest and loudest group defending those rights today," he said. The NRA is an advocate for civil rights both here in the USA and abroad. It is important to note that NRA programs include competitions, hunting, youth shooting, training, self-defense, safety, conservation and more. He also notes that the fastest-growing group of supporters of these programs is women gun owners and shooters.