Thankfulness, tradition and gratitude

November 24, 2017

The Sussex County economy, particularly on the east side, has hummed along at a steady pace in 2017. In good economic times like these, the question always looming is how we, as a county, can harness that energy to make Sussex stronger, more mobile, less congested and cleaner while preserving and enhancing the historical, cultural and natural resources that provide us an enviable quality of life.

For now though, in the spirit of this holiday, let's take time to count blessings and be grateful and thankful. That's such an important tradition for our nation, and a good way to move into the Christmas holiday season.

At the Cape Gazette, we're thankful for this great community we serve, and for our readers, contributors and advertisers. One of our traditions is to regularly recognize the important role played in our communities by the countless volunteer organizations dedicated to helping the people here enjoy a healthy, rewarding and satisfying quality of life. Week-in and week-out our pages are filled with news of their efforts and the resulting benefits to the community. The positive energy can't help but make this a better place.

We're grateful and thankful also for the hundreds of first responders, professionals and volunteers, always available and well trained to help protect us and assist us in times of need.

At this time of year, when volunteer firefighters and ambulance crews seek financial assistance to keep their operations strong, every donation - large or small - makes a positive difference. Those dollars amount to enlightened self-interest. It's very few of us who won't need their assistance at some time in our lives.

We're blessed to live in this part of the world so commodious for living. Not too cold, not too hot, not too wet, not too dry, not too noisy and not too quiet.

It wins the Goldilocks seal of approval for just right.

Challenges? Of course. But this week we're feeling particularly thankful and grateful.


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