There are ways to prevent school shootings

March 2, 2018

Everything I've read since the Florida shooting is skewed. Everyone is talking about the gun; the gun doesn't shoot itself - the wack job holding it does.

All the new gun laws won't do a thing. I don't want to get into what gun was used for this or that; the anti-gun people do not care about the kids - you can tell by what they write or say. What's needed is a way to lock down the school.

Example: no door to the outside can be opened from the outside, preventing a non student from entering, but they can be opened from the inside and an alarm would sound. The only door that can be opened from outside would be the main entrance which locks behind the entrant. Entrant is now in a box.

This box would have a metal detector, nothing detected the person can enter, something detected the person is held until a resource officer can check them out.

This is only a high-level suggestion; things would be different for grade schools and protocols would have to be worked out, but it can be done.

Edwin J. Hiebsch

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