There should be no religious influence in laws

April 20, 2017

I have been reading about senators Bonini and Lawson and their comments about Muslims.

This is exactly why our Founding Fathers kept religious beliefs out of the Constitution. When you evaluate why there is so much hate, strife, conflict in the world, religious differences are the root of most.

Religion does not belong in government or public education. There are so many religious beliefs yet they all boil down to one belief: a Supreme Being. If you choose to believe that, it is your right. However, not everyone shares that and they should be respected.

To criticize anyone's belief in a public forum, like a legislative session, shows absolutely no class. It lends to the ignorance, feeds the hate and does no good. Senators Bonini and Lawson owe the representatives of the Muslim faith an apology. They can justify their ignorance all they want, but it all breaks down to being stupid. No one religious belief is better than any other.

Going back to the 13th century, Christians were responsible for the Crusades, the Inquisition, witch burnings. Settlers came to this country to escape British rule and mandated religious belief. These atrocities can happen again today if we continue to allow religious zealots to influence our laws and legislation. There was a reason the Constitution mandates the separation of church and state. No preaching from the pulpits about government and no religious influence in laws.

Andrew L. Herrick
Rehoboth Beach

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