Thoughts on the ‘Six Mile Syndrome’

October 26, 2017

There is a troubling mindset growing in the Cape Region. For lack of a better description I will call it the “Six Mile Syndrome.” It came to full fruition in a recent Letter to the Editor supporting the Overbrook Town Center. The writers complained about, horror of horrors, being required to drive six miles for food, clothing or other essentials, and therefore the need for an Overbrook Town Center.

This begs the question, if the writers have lived here for any length of time how have they managed to cope so far? On the other hand, if they have recently moved to the Cape Region why did they do so? They should have been aware they might have to suffer the inconvenience of not having the amenities they want...just around the corner?

The attraction of living in the Cape Region is that it isn't, or hasn't been, like other places. It was for so long a best kept secret, with a unique culture and a Lower Slower living environment. It was a special place to live. But, of course, a secret is never kept a secret forever. Change is inevitable.

However, it seems that as more people move to our area they are bringing a prevailing mindset that it should be more like where they have left to come here. That they have the expectation they shouldn't be inconvenienced, or feel deprived of immediately available amenities is unacceptable. It's both unreasonable and myopic to seek to impose their, "It's such an inconvenience to drive six miles mindset," on our community. This attitude is strangling the golden goose.

I would hope the County Council will once again vote to drive a stake in the heart of the Overbrook Town Center.

Steve Hyle

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