We need overpass, not a shelter

June 16, 2017

Several years ago, a survey was taken which had an overwhelming positive response that an overpass should be built for the Route 9 and Route 1 intersection. As far as I know, that project was approved and is still on the books. This would take the property where the Belltown shelter is proposed.

A recent poll was done thru the Cape Gazette about the empty church building and the use for this property. The majority of respondents (58 percent) want the church removed to allow the overpass to be built.

The traffic at that area is horrible and getting worse. There have been numerous accidents at that location along with traffic backups. It is only a matter of time before someone will suffer severe personal injury or be killed.

With all the new homes being built on Beaver Dam Road, the traffic will only get worse. Every new home will have at least one car added to the traffic mix, and in most cases two cars.

Waiting until total gridlock is upon us is unacceptable. The overpass project must be a priority!

Another thought is that emergency vehicles need to be able to get thru this intersection on the way to Beebe Healthcare again, lives depend on it. Therefore the money invested in this experimental shelter would be wasted at this location which must be eventually removed for the overpass project. A more rural location should be selected that does not have the impact on the traffic and the community.

Jon Giesecke
Henlopen Landing


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