Who determines what lives to save?

December 5, 2017

State Police Troop 7 Captain Darren Short was the guest of Rep. Steve Smyk, R-Milton, at his Constituent Coffee last month.

Among the topics covered was their opposition to police using Naloxone [Narcan] to reverse an opioid overdose.
Their discussion included the following:

• Narcan itself has helped fuel the current addiction epidemic. (Smyk)
• Narcan is a safety net that removes the fear of death. (Smyk)
• Addicts get 'their best high the closer to death they come,' so they resent being awakened with Narcan. (Smyk)
• During the 'heroin epidemic' when there was no Narcan, people died off and the epidemic ended. (Short)
• Widespread use of Narcan is yet another sign that drug use is becoming socially acceptable. (Smyk and Short)

Since genetics and personal lifestyle decisions play a role in both diabetes and addiction, I wonder if Rep. Smyk and Capt. Short would feel the same way if we substituted 'Insulin' for 'Narcan' and 'obesity epidemic' for 'heroin epidemic'?

• Insulin has helped fuel the current obesity epidemic.
• Insulin is a safety net that removes the fear of death.
• Widespread use of insulin is yet another sign that obesity is becoming socially acceptable.
• If there were no insulin, people with diabetes would die off and the obesity epidemic would end.

Joanne Cabry
Rehoboth Beach


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