5 Ways To Better Your Game This Fall

September 26, 2017
Its fall the season changed a couple of days ago and the days are going to start getting shorter and you are going to have less time to practice. It seems like when this time of year comes around I start to get less motivated to play, because I am excited about basketball coming up and by the time I get back and do my homework it is dark. How can you stay committed to the game and still continue to improve this fall. Here are five simple ways to improve without having to always have two hours to practice.
Practice Putting Indoors
A lot of people think that to practice you have to be outside on the range or on the putting green, but I think it is just as valuable to practice in your house. All you have to have is a carpet and a cup and you can set them down and start putting. The nice thing is is that you can do this for ten minutes before you have to go to work or right before you go to bed. Putting is the most important part of the game so that is what you need to practice the most. I know that I did this in the winter and I saw an immense difference in my game.
Workout and Stretch
This is a major part of the game that a lot of people don't see any need to do. When you look at the best players in the world right now the reason that they can hit the ball so far is first their swing, but also they are strong and flexible. When I mean stretch that doesn't mean that you need to go through an hour long yoga routine, it just means taking a few minutes each day to loosen up your body and get you relaxed. Working out is not a must for the older people it might be impossible, but you can still go out and take a walk that is not going to hurt and will help you build up your stamina. If you do these things it will help your game and it will also help you to have more energy and feel better about yourself.
Practice Hitting in Your Backyard
Practicing hitting in your backyard is very simple. You may say well I don't have three acres to be able to hit six irons across the yard. That is fine all you need is about a twenty foot space, a tall ceiling, artificial turf and a net. You can hit into the net in your garage or out in the backyard. I would not recommend in your house, because it can be loud and you will have your whole family mad at you. The other thing that you can do is to practice chipping in your backyard you do not need a big yard to do this and it will help a lot if you can practice all aspects of your game from your house. Sorry that I took away your excuse for not getting to practice enough, but hopefully you won't need to say that since you'll be playing so well.
Work on Your Mental Game
When you read this title you may be thinking I can't do that unless I am on the golf course. That is a false statement you can do this anywhere when you are sitting in a meeting and are bored, or when you are on your way to work there is always time to work on your mental game. All you have to do is make up scenarios in your head and work them out. Think about what shot you would hit if you were fifty yards away and have to go over a bunker, or what you would do if you had to hit a tough shot out of the woods. If you do this when you get to that shot you will have already thought it through and be prepared to hit the right shot. Also when you are imagining how you would hit the shot always imagine hitting a good shot this will put positive thoughts in your brain and will make you more likely to hit a good shot when your in the moment. Do this and you will have a better golf season and it will make your meetings a little more interesting.
Play in Tournaments
Playing in tournaments will help your game a lot. Why may you ask its because it will expose the parts of your game that need work. Trust me I have gone to a tournament and thought that I was ready and embarrassed myself. I think that this happens to all golfers that play in tournaments the nerves do something to you that is hard to explain. If you do play in tournaments it will help you to know which one to practice the most out of the four things that I listed above and ultimately make you a better player. Here is an article Should You Play in Tournaments that goes more in depth on this subject. Thank you for reading I hope you enjoyed and I hope that I gave you more ways to work on your game this fall.