How I Broke 100 at Age 13

October 16, 2017
For most people it will not take you a long to Break 100. When I was thirteen I broke one hundred for the very first time. Which may sound hard to some of you, but it is very achievable. In this article I will explain how I broke one hundred and give you a few tips on how you can break one hundred too.
One thing that I really used to struggle with was chipping, something that most people struggle with. I would go to the chipping area at the course I play at and practice chipping sometimes for an hour and other times for just ten minutes. One thing that you have to do while you are out practicing is challenge yourself. If you are out just dropping it in the best position every time and giving yourself a great lie your not going to be prepared for the course. When I am out chipping I will find a divot to put it in to make the shot hard, so when I am out on the course I am not surprised by the lie. One other thing that I would do was step on the ball to put myself in a situation where I have a buried lie. If you do not have the clean and place rule then you may find that you have some situations like this on your course.
Another thing that you need to do is get yourself some lessons. If your not breaking one hundred then you have some major problems with your swing or maybe you just don't have enough confidence. Either way you need to get at least one or two lesson they may be a little costly, but it will help you in the long run. I have had a few lessons and that has helped me to go from breaking one hundred to breaking ninety and hopefully to breaking eighty. Bottom line get yourself some lessons it will help you in the long run and cause you a lot less frustration on the course.
One thing that I did not do a good job of which I will hopefully stop you from doing is placing pressure on yourself. If you are close to breaking any milestone the more pressure you have on yourself the more likely you will be to mess up. When you're out on the golf course don't keep track of your score in your head like I did. Once you write down your score just move on to the next hole and forget about that score. It will help you if you have no idea what your score is. Now I understand that your going to know whether or not you are playing a good round, but just don't keep track of your exact score it will help you a lot. 
Make sure you practice your putting more than any other club. The putter is the most used club in the bag so you need to practice with it. If you have confidence that you can two putt it every time from twenty feet than your going to have a hard time not breaking one hundred. I liked to practice putting a lot. When I was on the putting green I would first practice my putts from three feet and in, and then I would back out to twenty feet or so and try to putt them within three feet. Now the benefit of that is that if you are confident three feet and in, and you can also get any putt to within three feet you are going to two putt almost every time. The thing that can kill your round is three putting if you are having forty putts in a round then you are going to struggle to break one hundred. 
The last and most important thing to do is to have fun while your playing. If you are not having fun and always getting angry, then why are you playing golf? Get some of your friends out on the course and go have a good time. Most likely one of those times will be the time that you finally break one hundred. Focus less on your shot and just swing the club do not let yourself get in a mindset where you are thinking a lot before you go to hit each shot. This can really hurt you while your on the golf course just let it go, or if you are going to think think about all the good shots that you have hit on that hole. That way you will have good positive thoughts going into the shot. Imagine your line before you hit the ball what is it going to look like in the air. Think like your an all star golfer that way you will expect excellence every time your out.
These are my three keys to breaking one hundred:
-Do not three putt
-Think good thoughts
-Have fun
If you do these things I think your next round may be the round that you break one hundred. I hope you enjoyed reading this article and go have fun breaking one hundred.