Throw some mud up on the wall

March 9, 2017

Sussex County Planning and Zoning Commissioner Marty Ross had just been appointed to his seat when the 2008 comprehensive plan was passed so he didn't have a say in it.

He's making up for it this time around as the commission begins the long process of writing the 2018 plan.

The retired Delmar farmer – who talks about golf a lot – has been outspoken about the process and the commission's role. He was so passionate about it, he had the commission pass a motion relating to how the process should work. That may be a first in the history of land-use plans.

He's not afraid to mix it up with county council members, state officials, staff or the consultants to get positive outcomes and progress. He tells it like he sees it.

He's been hammering home the fact that the public plays a vital role in the plan and the more public input the better.

So, go for it Marty. And as you are inclined to say from time to time: “Throw some mud up on the wall and see what sticks.”

  • Ron MacArthur has lived and worked in Sussex County all his life. As a journalist for more than 40 years, he has covered everything from county and town meetings to presidential visits. He also has a unique perspective having served as an elected official and lived on both sides of the county.

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