Destiny will always get the best of thee

Coach Glenn on right speaking to his protege. "Brian we make lots of decisions as coaches' , some of them are even correct." BY FREDMAN
April 23, 2011

No sports team controls its own destiny as by definition one’s fate is already predetermined. Two teams going into a championship game believe if they play well and give 110 percent that they will emerge victorious and are, in fact,  in control of their own destiny , unlike the team who lost in the semi finals who at one point were seemingly also in control , until they got their butts beaten.

Back in the year 2000 Cape head football Coach Brian Donahue’s team scored a late touchdown and trailed a bigger and more athletic Dover team 28-27. Coach D elected to go for 2 points.

The choice of plays came down to two different options; one was to give the ball straight ahead to the bruising fullback Mark Moore the other was to sweep wide, hand to the mercurial water bug Tykee Perry and let him pick his spurts and spots.

Destiny was in the house it was just a matter of watching it play itself out.

The ball was handed to Perry who got a few steps into his scamper towards the far flag when a red dogging linebacker came through the gap unblocked and dropped him for no gain. Cape lost 28 to 27.

Coach Donahue asked me point blank after the game. “I don’t know, what do you think? Did I make the right decision?”

“Coach, did it work and the answer is, no it did not, therefore, it was not the right decision, but if you believe in fate, it was really never in your hands.”