Bin Laden slaying gets Cape Region notoriety

Who would be surprised to see munchkins come jumping out of the colorful landscaping in front of the Beacon Motel in Lewes?
May 5, 2011

Two prominent Cape Region roadside signs that keep up with current events weighed in on the U.S. slaying this week of Public Enemy No. 1 Osama Bin Laden. The Beacon Motel on Savannah Road in Lewes grabbed a line out of the Wizard of Oz to express its sentiments.

On Route 1, Crabby Dick's also made sure travelers on the Ocean Highway got a taste of the news.

Both signs are published here.

It's not an evil world, but there sure are people in it who are evil.  The indiscriminate and intentional killing of innocent people is about as wicked as wicked can get.  The Navy Seals who ended the life of that tormented soul did all of us, and him, a big favor.  The world will still have its villains but will be a much better place without the likes of Osama Bin Laden.

The national resolve and doggedness to track down and kill that rabid dog is worthy of celebration. Ding dong indeed.