How to Choose a Builder

A Capstone Home near completion in the Hawkseye community- on Gills Neck Road near Lewes. BY SCOTT DAILEY
May 23, 2011

There is so much to know when it comes to purchasing a new home.  Clearly, it is one of the most complicated and expensive purchases anyone can make.  When it comes to Delaware new homes- there are so many builders and so many choices... how do you keep it all straight?

Well, it's not that easy.  As a builder of Delaware new homes, Capstone Homes has a hard time keeping up with the market- we are changing constantly to keep ahead of this extremely competitive market, and so are all of the other builders in the area.  If I can't keep up with all of the builders, (and I do this for a living), then how in the world can a buyer keep up?

One thing hasn't changed- and that's location.  The location where you'll build your new home is probably the most important factor in a Delaware new home purchase.  Location is usually tied to the price- if you're looking for a Delaware beach home, your budget is going to drive the location.

Once you know where you want to be that fits your budget, there's a good chance that there are many builders in that area who are building Delaware new homes.  So this is where the hard part begins- how to sort out which builder (and which community) to choose.  Of course, all builders are going to tell you that their homes are the best, and they are going to give you many reasons why.

Since the Delaware new home market is so competitive- the buyer is ultimately the winner.  The Delaware beach homes that are being built today are far superior to the ones built (likely by the same builder) just a few years ago.  The prices are much lower, the energy efficiency is much higher, and the build quality is much better.

Three things to remember when searching for a new home:

1.  Beware the model

Most builders will use an emotional sell for Delaware new homes.  Once you walk in the model- you fall in love, and you want to live there.  Keep in mind that very few people can actually afford the cost of the model.  In fact, fancy models are usually a sign of a company with lots of overhead- and that overhead is cooked into the price of the home YOU buy from that builder- whether or not you option it out like the model.

2.  Green Building

Green building is great- but most new homes are very energy efficient.  Builders love to compare themselves to homes built even a few years ago, but when you compare one builder of Delaware beach homes to another Delaware new home- you'll find the difference very small.  Any Delaware new home today is built to very energy efficient standards.  The difference between a "Green" builder and another builder is usually very small- and almost never worth the difference in price.

3.  Watch the small details.


With a builder, it's usually the small things that make a difference.  Do they screw down their subfloor?  What kind of drains do they use in a basement?  Does anyone answer the phone when you call the service line?  These are the things that will separate a good builder from a great builder.

Bottom line- it's a great time to build a Delaware beach home.  Low prices and low rates make this the greatest buyer's market you will see in your lifetime.  Take your time and find the builder that works for you.