More pictures from the Tiki Bra on the Chesapeake

Rick and Rachel Grier-Reynolds stand inside the Tiki Bra. BY DENNIS FORNEY
July 28, 2011

My Friday Barefootin' column in the Cape Gazette deals with a number of topics including a new book titled Crab Decks and Tiki Bars on the Chesapeake.  The most memorable of the Chesapeake's tiki bars - and I haven't even seen the book yet so I don't know if it's included - isn't even a tiki bar.  The Tiki Bra is a ramshackle collection of driftwood and netting and a few nails all held together by dozens of brassieres in all shapes, sizes, materials and colors.  Empty beer bottles added to the unique structure give it the flavor of a real tiki bar as does the pirate face on a coconut and some mention of Captain Morgan.

At any rate, in my column I promised a few color photos of the Tiki Bra so here they are.  If you need directions, the Tiki Bra is on a sand spit in Fleets Bay which provides a watery face to the southeast end of Virginia's Northern Neck, defined by the Potomac River to the north and the Rappahannock to the south. If you need more directions, give me a call at the Cape Gazette at 302-645-7700.