Hurricane Irene's coming; Wilmington Trust is leaving

On Second Street in Lewes, the new M&T signs are in place beneath the temporary Wilmington Trust signs. BY DENNIS FORNEY
August 25, 2011

You can't find a generator for love nor money.  I spent the afternoon trying to track one down.  There's none left in Sussex County. At Lowe's, Matt told me an emergency shipment of 75 generators came in at 3 a.m. this morning and were gone before noon. Home Depot, Lowe's - story's all the same.

Now I think I have one rented.  Laurel, Maryland. Arm and a leg.  Sigh.

Meanwhile, the folks at M&T Bank are preparing for the switchover this weekend.  By Monday, for all outward appearances, Wilmington Trust will be no more.  The temporary Wilmington Trust signs that have been placed over the permanent (as permanent as anything can be) M&T signs will be taken down over the weekend and on Monday all the Wilmington Trust branches will sport the new green M&T signs.

Of course, Irene may step in and help with taking down the signs.

There's nothing constant but change, especially when the mix includes earthquakes and hurricanes.

Stay tuned.