Irene - The After Action Review
August 30, 2011

Hurricane Irene swept the East Coast this weekend.  The storm was deadly and caused billions of dollars in damage. Thankfully, it was not as strong as predicted.  Every experience has a lesson for leaders.  So, how would you rate your leadership this weekend in the face of a potential crisis?  Here are some after action questions.

Did you have a primary objective?

Were you informed?

Did you keep people informed?

Did you have the means to stay connected to people and information?

Did you have a plan?

Did you have multiple contingency plans?

Did you prepare your people, equipment, and environment for your plan to succeed?

Were you poised and confident?

Did you make good choices as information or the situation changed?

Did you understand the location and condition of key people?

Did you help people less fortunate than you?

Did you have provisions and equipment to handle a greater challenge?

What did you learn and what would you do differently next time?

Take some time and review your choices, your actions, and how you could improve your leadership impact in the future.  We survived with just a scare this time, but there will be a time when your leadership skills will be tested to a greater degree in a crisis situation. Take this opportunity to evolve before the next test.

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