Delaware State media day: Deleted scenes

August 30, 2011

As you can imagine, it’s been a busy week here around the office, between earthquakes, hurricanes, Extreme Makeovers, the Earl Bradley sentencing and tornadoes, the past week or so has been a new one around here at the Cape Gazette.

Hence my lack of blogging.

So now that things have calmed a tad I can get to the interwebs the blog I was planning to put up last week. It’s a bit of a ‘deleted scenes’ post with other quotes from Delaware State’s football media/picture day that didn’t make the paper version.I figure it's timely in light of the Hornets kicking off the 2011 season, the first under new coach Kermit Blount, tomorrow. Enjoy.

WR Justin Wilson…on changes to the offense

“It’s been an adjustment because we’re used to the spread offense – run and gun. For a quarterback coming under center it changes a lot of timing up. It’s getting better day-by-day. It’s different but we’ll get it there.”

…On quarterback Nick Elko

“Me and Elko, we came in together so I’m used to his throws. We’ve got good chemistry. I’m comfortable with him. He’s comfortable with me.”

…On a possible future in the NFL

“We’ll see how the season goes. But I definitely feel like it’s possible for me to make it to the next level.”


DT Darrell Brown…on former teammate, and current Cleveland Brown, Andre Caroll

“I had the honor of playing with him last year; taking what I learned from him last year and bringing it over to this season and showing the younger guys. He taught me that every play is not there for you to make. But if you keep working hard on the field, you’re going to get enough plays.”

…On the new 3-4 defense

“You have to play more disciplined. You can’t bite on play action. You can’t get out of your gap. If everyone holds their gap, the defense will be flawless.”

…On this year’s team

“I like it because of the coaches. The coaches have zero tolerance. Last year, it wasn’t talent. It wasn’t talent at all. It was a lack of discipline. This year, once we get the discipline right, the games will fall in line.


DE Aaron Richardson…on the new coaching staff

“It’s like night and day. Coach Blount, he expects a lot from us. We’re answering the call. Anything he asks us to do, we’ll do.”

…On the difference between last year’s defense and this year’s

“I feel like we’re a lot faster. We’re more aggressive and well-coached.”

…On leadership

“This year I’m taking a more vocal role. Being a leader for the young guys. It’s a big change for me, but I like it. I feel like I’m a leader and I can lead by example.”


QB Nick Elko…on the team’s experience at wide receiver

“We’ve been together since freshman year so we’ve been waiting for this time for a while.”

…On Justin Wilson

“I’m definitely looking to keep him going, keep him happy. Just keep him rolling from where we left off.”

…On the change to a slowed down, run-based offense

“It’s been a transition period. Sometimes it’s smooth, sometimes its rough and we’re just working out the kinks right now. I think we’ll be all right for Week 1.

Delaware State opens its football season tomorrow at 1:30 p.m. against Virginia Military Institute in Lexington, Va.



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