UPDATE: Work under way on Bradley offices

One piece of equipment has already been moved on the site in preparation for demolition. BY RON MACARTHUR
October 6, 2011

Nearly two years after Earl Bradley was arrested for sexually assaulting his child patients, his former BayBees Pediatrics offices will come down, starting at 7 a.m., Monday, Oct. 10.

According to the Department of Justice, workers from the Attorney General’s Office have begun removing some of Bradley’s items from the premises.

Attorney General Joseph “Beau” Biden III said, “No one should have to look at those buildings and be reminded of the crimes that happened inside, especially not the victims and their families.”

The Bradley buildings have sat vacant after Bradley’s arrest. This summer, Realtor Bruce Geyer purchased the property after Fulton Bank foreclosed on it. Geyer vowed to tear the buildings down upon purchasing the property. Millsboro contractor Harry Caswell volunteered to demolish the buildings.

Bradley was convicted and sentenced to 14 life sentences and 164 years in prison on 24 counts of rape, assault and child exploitation involving 86 of his patients. His defense team is appealing the verdict to the Delaware Supreme Court.

“We made sure that Bradley will never be able to harm another child. Now, our focus remains ensuring that the victims, their families and the community have every resource and service they need to heal, for as long as they need them. This community deserves to see any visual reminders of these horrible crimes erased from existence,” Biden said.