Some pictures from Delaware Wildlands' Roman Fisher Farm

Delaware Wildlands Kent and Sussex Director Pete Martin stands in teh kitchen of the new guest house at the Roman Fisher Farm - east of Gumboro -  on the edge of the Great Cypress Swamp. All of the wood in the guest house - including the cabinets (minus the wainscoating ) comes from lumber harvested from the swamp. BY DENNIS FORNEY
October 10, 2011

I mentioned in my Barefootin' column this week that I would post some color photos from Delaware Wildlands' Roman Fisher Farm in a blog. So here they are. Delaware Wildlands is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year - a celebration of identifying, protecting and enhancing some of Delaware's unique natural places. The Great Cypress Swamp is one of Delaware Wildlands' crown jewels with more than 11,000 contiguous acres in the heart of the Delmarva peninsula.

The swamp is home to stands of bald cypress trees which - left alone - can soar to heights of 150 feet and live for centuries. It also harbors tons of other flora and fauna while giving rise to headwaters of at least three rivers including the Pocomoke whose tannic brown waters coure through stands of cypress all the way to where it empties into the Pocomoke Sound and Chesapeake Bay.

The Great Cypress Swamp rocks!