Adventures in Drool:  Fitness Friday!

January 6, 2012

It's Fitness Friday here in the drool kingdom. Each new year brings a mad rush to the gym, a quick dusting off of the old dumbbells and plenty of money thrown at personal trainers and instruction.

If you are like me and always trying to get in shape - whether losing the baby weight, or trying to lose the baby weight, plus the weight you already had on when you got pregnant - then grab a glass of water and get ready for this Fitness Friday tip.

This one comes from Adam at Body Shop in Rehoboth Beach.

Working out in the privacy of your own home can be an easy (and less embarrassing) way to start a new fitness routine.

Adam suggests starting with push ups. From the floor, use your arms to push yourself up, keeping shoulders, back and legs in an even line. Try to avoid the bum-in-the-air push up because the kids will make fun of you.

This simple move done several times a day can improve arm strength and help kickstart a fitness program. My tip is to start small. Don't try to be He-man on the first day. Start with five push ups in the morning and five at night, then slowing build up to more.

Good luck!

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