Adventures in Drool No. 2

January 10, 2012
The best invention ever! Thank you Fisher Price! BY RACHEL SWICK MAVITY

My pediatrician thinks I’m cool. Do you?

The well-baby checkups have become a welcome task for me after my pediatrician commended how laid-back I am. This reassurance that I am a “cool mom” was more needed than I even knew.

Why am I so in need of this self-esteem booster? I have no idea, but I know I will look forward to seeing the pediatrician from now on. And maybe that is her goal; maybe she tells all the new moms how good they are. If she does, it is a great strategy.

I’m sure every mom likes to hear she is doing a good job. I mean, I feel like a good mom, but who ever knows until the kid grows up into a well-adjusted adult.


Baby, you’re a firework

The crying screams of baby are like nails on a chalkboard to me. Is it like this for everyone?

The little one doesn’t have colic, nor does he even scream that often, but when he does it sets my teeth on edge. I might be a little more sensitive than the average mama bear because I just can’t handle it. I would be sprinting for the tequila bottle if the child had colic. My sympathy goes to the moms I hear talking about how their child just cries for hours for no reason. It must be so rough. Anyone out there have any help for these moms to ease the crying?

When Alex screams it is usually hunger. If it’s not, then it tends to be tired. Or boredom.

The little firecracker’s favorite thing right now is a bouncer. When he gets in there he will bounce as long as you let him. It’s like a trance. He doesn’t even go for the toys on the bouncy seat’s rim. He just ballet dances, jumps and generally shakes his booty into a happy place.

Perhaps it’s because he is a boy, but he tends to enjoy higher impact playtime activities. Since he’s my only child I have nothing to compare it to, so moms out there, does your little boy play more roughly than your little girl? I have a feeling boys are hardwired to enjoy climbing, jumping and general horseplay more than girls, but it could also be that we are more willing to play harder with the boys.

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