Adventures in Drool:  Making the most of every minute

February 1, 2012

As a working mama, I worry about the amount of time I spend away from Droolface.

The early morning rush of getting everyone up, dressed, fed, re-dressed if needed and out the door to daycare and work, leaves very little one-on-one time. And, I worry.

I am pretty sure all mamas worry about the amount of time spent with their baby – whether they are working or not. Some days I envy those who get to stay home with their children. Other days, I really wonder how they can even manage.

Raising kids is one of the most important tasks in adulthood. It’s also one of the most daunting.

I remember when I was pregnant, I imagined beautiful sun-filled mornings waking up with a happy and satisfied baby. We would have a cup of tea or milk and just enjoy the morning. Reality is much different.

But, it is important to make those busy mornings count. I always try to spend time focusing on Droolface. Hubby and I hear him talking over the monitor and when we arrive crib-side we look down upon the most beautiful smiling face. Then some days the crying starts because he is famished and the rush to make the bottle while keeping the baby happy begins.

But those morning smiles and baby talks are most precious.

I always like taking Droolface into our bed in the mornings to snuggle while he eats. We talk or (more likely these days) he talks. We all get ready for the day together.

After eating hubby and I take turns one-on-one with the baby while the other gets ready. During my time I sneak in as many cuddles as I can. I sometimes read a book or play a game with him. But mostly I try to make those fleeting morning moments last.

The same goes at night. My favorite part of our night routine is bath time. My son just loves his bath. It is a great time for us to connect and play. He loves drinking the water, playing with his hands in the water and trying to eat his bath-time pals.

Try pouring a small bucket of water over baby’s head to get him used to the water. Droolface emerges with a big grin every time and I love it. I always make sure he feels safe by cheering for him each time he emerges from the waterfall. Bath time is also a great time for working on balance and hand-eye coordination with toys.


It’s baby time

My biggest concern is staying connected. Even though Droolface has to go to daycare while mommy and daddy work, I want those family moments to stand out in his day as much as they stand out in mine. That means constantly reminding myself that while I may be exhausted, each evening with the baby must be all about the baby.

As parents we cannot lose that bond with the baby. We need to work at getting on the floor, playing, singing, dancing and always teaching our little ones. This time of babyhood, this time of childhood, they pass too quickly, and now we must lay the groundwork for our future relationship.

I remind myself every day. Some days are harder than others, but don’t forget to make every moment count. Don’t let your day be about work – let it be about getting to that family time because that is really what life is all about.

So, how do you stay connected to your baby around work schedules?

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