Fitness Friday: Don’t forget lower body

February 3, 2012

While cardio helps burn through that stubborn chub, don’t forget to do some strength-training for the lower body.

Today’s Fitness Friday tip comes from exercise physiologist and author of "Beat the Gym,” Tom Holland.

My fitness routine mostly consists of brisk walks, either pushing the stroller or during lunch breaks at work. I also get in some stationary biking some days. Strength training can actually help fight the flub as much as cardio because it targets specific muscles.

Holland says muscles need to work together to be at their best. This requires strength from cardio and also muscle strength from weight-lifting or free-standing exercises.

You don’t want to have imbalanced muscles, do you? I didn’t think so.

Squats and lunges are relatively easy, target leg muscles and can be done practically anywhere. On my strength-training days, I often do lunges or squats, while holding Droolface, during commercial breaks or while we are listening to music.

To lunge – Standing with feet together, take large step forward, bend slightly at knee, hold and then bring foot back to its starting point. Switch legs. Try starting with ten lunges on each side. Then try doing it holding your baby.

To squat – Standing with feet about shoulder width (or wider) apart, bend at knees, lowering weight until knees are mostly bent. Then raise weight back to standing. Repeat 10 times. Then do it holding baby.




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