Fitness Friday: Mix it up

March 23, 2012
Work out with Harry Potter this week. SOURCE WORKOUTSAFE

As my weight loss has slowed this week, it is now time to mix it up.

Often plateaus happen while losing weight. This is the time when many start to give up, and think weight loss goals aren't attainable. Stop right there if that describes you - I have been through many plateaus and you can keep losing weight, you just have to change your routine.

Humans love routine, so we tend to get stuck in ruts of eating certain foods and doing certain exercises. Your body is smart so it gets used to this routine and starts clinging to those pounds you are trying so desperately to lose.

When a plateau happens, it doesn't mean weight loss is over. Don't give up! It means you have to switch gears and start trying something completely new.

If you feel you are in a food rut - plan several different meals for this upcoming week.

I know in my house for the coming week I am planning a fish meal because we really don't eat enough fish. A simple baked fish with lemon can brighten up anyone's week. Pair that with some beans and salad and you have a low-calorie meal that is sure to please even the grumpiest of husbands.

I know we slacked off in the food category this week in my house because we ate out several times. That is enough to foil even the best-laid plans. This coming week we will be cooking at home a lot more and limiting our nights out to just once.

Switching up the fitness routine is also a great way to jumpstart new weight loss.

I am an avid walker, but I realize my body is on to my game. I will kick up the walking with quick spurts of jogging, or do lunges while walking to make those muscles work harder.

I also found this really fun idea online - the Harry Potter workout.

Now, I came late to the Harry Potter party, having just read all the books in 2008. But I love them and including Harry in my workout seems like a great idea.

The Harry Potter workout goes something like this (also see attached picture for another version):

• A spell is cast:  10 jumping jacks

• Gryffindor awarded points: 10 lunges

• Slytherin loses points: 10 squats

• Hagrid says, "I shouldn't have said that" : 30 jumping jacks

• The painted fat lady sings: 10 crunches

• Someone says, "He who must not be named" : 10 mountain climbers

• Ron says, "bloody run!" : 10 high-kicks

• Hermione says, "Harry, you did it!" : 20 crunches

• Someone says "Voldemort" : 5 push ups

• Crookshanks chases Scabbers: 10 bicycles (laying on back, bicycling in air)

• Myrtle helps Harry solve a riddle: 5 push ups

And, you're done! You helped Harry Potter win the day, and now you can get ready for the rest of your day. There are lots of different options with workouts like these - surf the internet to find other quick 10 minutes workouts that will help you mix it up this week.

As always, keep it real in the kingdom of drool - and enjoy your weekend!


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