Fitness Friday: Running for it

A salad of asparagus ribbons and fried asparagus would not be complete without butter-poached lobster at Henlopen City Oyster House. BY RACHEL SWICK MAVITY
March 30, 2012

In my life, I would never say that running has been vital. In most cases I only ran because I had to, whether it was for field hockey or because a shark swam by me while snorkeling - the proverbial running on water.

So many people love to run - it is vital to their lives, and while I appreciate that, I do not relish the idea of donning sneakers and running for fun.

However, if you love to run, get out there and do it. I recently spoke to a woman who, like me, spent much of her life overweight. Now a thin 30-something, I asked her what changed her course. Her answer was that she began running.

She told me in her 30s she started walking because she lived in a city where there was lots to walk to. Then she escalated and fell in love with running. She had recently gone through a rough patch with a boyfriend and found while running she could hear her own thoughts more clearly than ever before.

After two years of running religiously, sometimes twice a day, she found a new lease on life, and lost nearly 100 pounds. She also said she found her inner voice. She says she would not have found this voice without running.

Today, she still runs occasionally, but walking is more her style again. But, she still talks about running like it is a religion, or a calling.

I urge everyone to find their calling, and even if running wasn't your thing in the past, give it another try. You might just find your voice.


Dining out

While running isn't my thing, I enjoy brisk walks outside. I love looking at homes in Rehoboth Beach and Henlopen Acres during our Tuesday running and walking club. Droolface enjoys it too.

Communing with nature is definitely an ingrained part of the human spirit. Everyone feels better after spending some time outdoors.

One of the reasons I walk regularly (besides loving it), is so I can enjoy meals. I am sure many of you exercise to get yourself to that next meal as well.

This week, my husband and I had a babysitter other than family members or daycare for the first time since we had Droolface.

We headed down to Rehoboth for what turned out to be a fantastic meal at Henlopen City Oyster House.

I was working on an article about asparagus, so Chef Bill treated us to some delicious asparagus dishes so I could photograph them.

I never knew how delicious a fig and balsamic reduction could be!

We started with a butter-poached lobster salad on a bed of sliced cucumber and asparagus ribbons with salmon roe, fresh pickled ramp (a garlicky wild onion) and pieces of fried asparagus. Yum!

Chef Bill also prepared farro, an Italian whole grain. He served it with sundried tomatoes, grilled asparagus spears, shaved Parmigiano Reggiano, toasted pine nuts and the amazing fig and balsamic reduction.

Delicious meal - thanks Chef Bill!

Since my sister was visiting, we also sampled two kinds of raw Virginia oysters on the half shell, and several craft beers.

I highly recommend going for a run or walk, then getting yourself to Henlopen City Oyster House on Wilmington Avenue to try Chef Bill's amazing locally-grown asparagus creations! And, while you're there, don't forget to try some oysters too.


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