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July 28, 2012
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Barrier Spray Program

Great for Kids...Great for Pets...Bad for Mosquitoes

Mosquito Free Living

No more bug repellent on the kids…no more citronella torches or candles… just mosquito free outdoor living.

We start with a free treatment of the mosquito habitat around your home that dramatically reduces the population. The next step is to locate the areas where mosquitoes hide as they wait for their next victim. Then we apply a light mist of a very mild insecticide formulated to repel mosquitoes for the next three weeks.

Our barrier spray formula is so specialized that beneficial insects such as honey bees, ladybugs, and butterflies will return and be totally unaffected by the repellent effect.

We return once every three weeks throughout mosquito season to reapply our Barrier Spray Program solution.

And just to set your mind at ease … the formula we apply in your yard, is a milder concentration of the active ingredient used in shampoo prescribed by Doctors to treat lice in children’s hair. It is also the active ingredient in flea and tick shampoo most often recommended by veterinarians for use on pets.

Our Guarantee

Call The Mosquito Authority today for your free barrier spray

We are so confident in the effectiveness of Our Barrier Spray Program that we offer a “No Mosquito Guarantee”.

If you are bothered by mosquitoes during the three week interim between treatments we will return and provide an additional treatment Free of Charge.