THE MOSQUITO AUTHORITY-After years of Mosquito Control listen to what our customers are saying. "Also worked on fleas and ticks!"  THE MOSQUITO AUTHORITY- We are the authority on Mosquito control.

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May 12, 2012
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Jason Elias
How could I say no to a “Free Spray” I was not sure about your service at first but after you sprayed my yard and we did not have mosquitoes I was very impressed! We entertain at our home and it was very enjoyable not to be bothered by mosquitoes. Thanks! Also worked on fleas and ticks!



Damon and Tess

We are so pleased with the service of Mosquito Authority . We live on a pond and in the past our outdoor time was cut short by the mosquitoes so it was hard to enjoy our yard like we would like to. Now we can relax and throw some steaks on the grill any time we like or just enjoy watching the kids play. This past summer we lost track of time working in the garden and next thing we knew it was dark! We just couldn’t believe there were no mosquitoes! It was great! Mosquito Authority has provided very professional service and we strongly recommend them.


John Frantz
It has been wonderful to be mosquito free this summer and have enjoyed playing outside without getting attacked by 100s of mosquitoes. Thank you for your services.


Chan Withering
We have three children who play outside all summer and your service is unbelievable! Thanks so much for allowing our family to enjoy our yard and cooking out without the mosquitoes! Your service works and your guys who spray are very polite. Thanks!


Dick & Phyllis
Our first five summers in Pine Bay (Rehoboth Beach) we rarely used our yard or porch because the mosquitoes were so numerous and merciless. In 2011 we discovered The Mosquito Authority barrier spray control service. What a difference! All summer we saw fewer than half-a-dozen mosquitoes. Our visiting grand-children played in the yard without being bitten. We enjoyed our unscreened front porch many summer evenings. We have renewed The Mosquito Authority services for 2012



Our Guarantee

Call The Mosquito Authority today for your free barrier spray

We are so confident in the effectiveness of Our Barrier Spray Program that we offer a “No Mosquito Guarantee”.

If you are bothered by mosquitoes during the three week interim between treatments we will return and provide an additional treatment Free of Charge.


The Mosquito Authority

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