A Safe Haven at last

David Quillin, right, stands with medical operations director Cindy Woods, with Fannie in the background, at Safe Haven's new building on Shingle Point Road outside Georgetown. BY RACHEL SWICK MAVITY
April 27, 2012

After years of fundraising, Safe Haven Animal Sanctuary has completed its new building.

While Safe Haven will not officially open until summer, more than a dozen dogs -  ready for adoption - are now housed at the shelter, said Safe Haven Executive Director Anne Gryzcon.

Eight 6-week-old puppies are also living in the building and ready for adoption. Their mother, Fannie, is serving as the official greeter for anyone stopping by to visit.

Gryzcon said the organization is still seeking donations of stainless steel food bowls, dog and cat beds, laundry detergent, small office furniture, commercial front-loading washing machines and storage sheds.

Building architect David Quillin, working on his first animal rescue project, said the building has an open, natural look with sunlight filtering in through large glass windows.

Prior to designing Safe Haven's building, Quillin traveled around the country looking at other animal rescue buildings, and he now feels like an expert.